Hostel Aleje 28

Tatarska 5, Krakow

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Hostel Aleje 28


Overview of Hostel

Experience Krakow and recharge at Aleje 28 Hostel.
Car parking included in the price.
You wake up refreshed in a quiet neighbourhood, get up from your cosy bed. You’re recharged and ready to experience Krakow: the Main Market Square with its multitude of cafes, pubs and restaurants; the Jewish Qua

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Our Hostel is located in the heart of Krakow.

How to get there?

from the Central Railway Station:

Bus no. 179 destination 'os. Kurdwanw'
- board on: 'Dworzec G?wny Zachd (Galeria)'
- exit on: 'Jubilat'
- time: 9 min approx. (7th stop)

Bus no. 152 destination 'Olszanica'
- board on: 'Dworzec G?wny' (ul. Lubicz)
- exit on: 'Cracovia'
- time: 8 min approx. (4th stop)

Tram no. 2 destination 'Salwator'
- board on: 'Dworzec G?wny'
- exit on: 'Jubilat'
- time: 10 min approx. (4th stop)

from Balice Airport:

Bus no. 292 destination 'Krakowska Akademia'
- board on: 'Port Lotniczy (Air Port)'
- exit on: 'Cracovia'
- time: 30 min approx. (19th stop).

Located near

Just a short walk from the magnificent, Main Market Square, in a quiet and peaceful place, Hostel Aleje 28 has its location. Far enough to guarantee a peace of mind, yet so close, you can experience Krakow's night life and come back at any time, without even calling a taxi! Not far from us, lies the majestic Wawel Castle, the great National Museum, the famous Jewish District Kazimierz and the biggest and longest river in Poland: Vistula. Experience Krakow and recharge at Aleje 28 Hostel!

Conditions & Policy

Child Friendly

Check in: 14:00 to 23:00.