Krakow On the Road

Krakow, Poland
Once Poland's most important city for more then 5 centuries during the reign of Pole, the importance of this old POlish capital has not dimmed today. Krakow is a city that was partly destroyed by the Second World War, but has re-emerged recently as a highlight Central European destination.

Many sites are still intact and Krakow has a historic beauty, with great examples of Polish architecture.

In 1978 UNESCO declared the center of Krakow a part of the world heritage listing. When you wander her streets, you can see why. This city is unique in many senses because the concentration of art, opera and historical buildings is one of the highest in the world.

It is also the most cultural city of Poland, boasting names such as Roman Polanski, Krysztof Penderecki, Czasaw Miosz and Wisawa Szymborska - among some of the great writers from this city.

The seat of POland's oldest university, there are more then 70 000 students filling the city. It makes for a lively nightlife in Krakow!

It is important not to miss: the castle and the cathedral of Wawel which are probably the most two impressive monuments in Poland and Rynek Glowny, the market place in the heart of the city thats one of the oldest squares in Europe.


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